Queen of Jeans - Walk Like An Egyptian
The Morelings "No Sign" [Official Video]
Up The Chain - Departed Trains (official video)
Hurricane Hoss "Comin' Along With You"
Psalmships "Flesh Turn"
Woven In - Midriff
Bryant Eugene Vazquez// "How To Go About It..." //Official
Dewey Decibel - Cappuccino
The Morelings "Less" [Official Video]
P.U.R.E. "The X's & O's" | Music Video
JayMar "Question" | Music Video
Drusef "X MAS" | Music Video
Rone "Committed" | Music Video
You Do You "I Got Time" | Music Video
August John Lutz II "Foolish Heart" | Music Video
Curly Castro "Dry Ice" | Music Video
The Ghost In You "Know Your Glow"
Lil Sean "Monster" (Meek Mill) | Music Video
Dylan Jane "Land and Sea"
Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers - Starvation Hour
Levee Drivers - 'Bourbon Coated'
Casey Burke - You Don't Know | Music Video
Angenue "I Hate Waiting" | Music Video
Zilla Rocca and the Shadowboxers "Human Dominos" feat. Open Mike Eagle and Curly Castro
JayMar - Don't Know
Ang & the Damn Band "Stranger" | Music Video
TJ Kong & The Atomic Bomb "Snakeskin"
Fabian Akilles "Profit" | Music Video
Matthew Sharayko - 'Cinnamon Girl' | Music Video
In Place "Pipe Dream" | Music Video
The Lawsuits - "Hail Storm" [Music Video]
A Day Without Love- Solace
Jay Solstice - Simple [ Official Video]
Bleu Velvet "Celestial Blue" | Music Video
Bryant Eugene Vazquez // S.A.D.
Tye Gunna - Worried About Me (Official Video)
MJM- "For the Culture" | Music Video
Dirty Dollhouse "Moonshine" | Music Video
Nik Greeley & The Operators "Stars" | Music Video
Career Crooks (Zilla Rocca & Small Pro) - Least Important Most Important (official video)
Moor Mother "Untitled" | Fetish Bones
Madalean Gauze "The Fire" | Music Video

Super 8 + Digital.

Madalean Gauze "Poison Pill" | Music Video
Swift Technique - "Lucky Bump" | Music Video
Haunted Homes "COASTGHOST2COAST" | Music Video
The Soft Spots - "Going Soft" | Music Video
Spelling Reform - Tuscaloosa | Music Video
Moor Mother - Parallel Nightmares | Music Video
Moor Mother X Mental Jewelry - Matter Of Time | Music Video
A Day Without Love- "Joseph" | Music Video
Career Crooks (Zilla Rocca & Small Professor) - Steve Martin | Music Video
Dirty Dollhouse "You Don't Even Know Me" | Music Video
Dominy "Mary Don't Bury Me" | Music Video

Directed by Bob Sweeney

Queen of Jeans - "More to Love" (Official Music Video)

Directed by Bob Sweeney.

Queen of Jeans - "U R My Guy" (Official Music Video)

Directed by Bob Sweeney.

Sixteen Jackies - Power (Official Video)

Directed by Bob Sweeney.